After two years of following the KETO way of eating, we continued to search for the elusive crunch factor that was woefully missing from our daily meals.  With a desire to have breakfast cereal again, we started searching through the “Keto-ish” options available on the market.  Disappointment  followed when we inevitably discovered just a “little” added sugar or one of the dreaded manitol or sorbital sweeteners.  So we put our food development skills into practice and developed a true low carb, no sugar granola with great flavor, significant crunch and a mouthful of fiber and Omega 3 oils.  This is a win win for the seekers of low carb items as well as those looking for nutrition dense food options.  We are quite proud of our Zero Sugar Granola but we aren’t stopping here.  Keep in touch to here about our new products launching this fall.  You won’t be disappointed.